Should the administration at the University of Miami allow for a “counsel” of Miami Hurricanes legends to partake in the coaching search?

Ed Reed was asked about the idea on the Rich Eisen Show, via CBS Sports:

Reed said several former players have a group chat to discuss the future of the Miami program, and that he has discussed the issue with former Miami quarterback and current Carolina Panthers assistant Ken Dorsey.

“Only person [from the Miami family tree] I’ve talked to was Ken Dorsey,” Reed told Eisen. “Me and Dorsey have talked a great bit about coaching together, but neither one of us want to be the head coach. We argued that. I know other guys would chime in and definitely want to be a part of it in some way, help out.

“I know guys got a group chat together, trying to figure out how we can have input helping make a good decision, a football decision, for the school and for the players.”

Not a bad idea for a University that ultimately failed in the appointment of their last three head coaches.

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