“As long as Jeffrey Loria is here as the worst owner in town it cannot turn around,” the Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “But what they did with Dan Jennings and allowing him to get to this position is the exact embarrassment that you, I and everyone on your show has been talking about for three months and someone has to talk sense into him. And you know what? Maybe it’s Major League Baseball because the last time we had the All-Star Game here in town, they didn’t get the stadium deal, they didn’t run the organization they wanted and they pulled it from the Marlins. Well, the 2017 MLB All-Star game is in town again and I think this is Major League Baseball’s perfect opportunity to step forward and say you guys are a class-A joke. If you want the All-Star Game, show you’re more of an all-star organization.

“I think baseball needs to get involved because baseball in this town, where people would embrace it if it’s right, is getting absolutely destroyed and once again we are the laughing stock of Major League Baseball franchises.”

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