Many forget that not only did Ryan Tannehill experience a breakout season last year, he did so in the first year of a new offense instilled by Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor.

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“It’s hard to step out of the specifics but if you’re just an outsider and you just looked at how he looks as far as his comfort level, his decisiveness at practice, his play speed, it’s cause he’s just got these plays down,” Lazor said on Tuesday. “He’s mastering them everyday as he goes. I think for a guy like Ryan it’s just gonna keep taking off.

“We talked about when you get a certain library of play reps in your mind you know where everyone is, so you can play decisively and you can play fast. You saw it happen as the year went on for him and it’s just gonna continue to happen. As far as his techniques, I mean we’re dealing the whole spring with his accuracy on every throw, from short to deep. We’re talking about his pocket movements and all the techniques that a quarterback has to deal with. I don’t think Ryan or his position coaches would tell you there’s any area that we’re satisfied with. I think it all starts with being comfortable and knowing exactly what to do.”

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As for how fast he wants the offense to play, it’s all on his quarterback and the man hiking him the ball.

“We’re gonna go as fast, really, as Ryan Tannehill and Mike Pouncey can go. The other guys have to keep up.”

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