Earlier this week, Nick Saban called for the timetable for players to receive feedback on their NFL prospects to be pushed back because it proved to be a distraction during the College Football Playoff. Today, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is shredding the hypocritical Alabama head coach.

“How dare you not be as reckless with your body as you can be when you’re being not paid to play football so you can preserve your ability to play football and make money,” Florio sarcastically said on the Joe Rose Show. “Isn’t that the height of hypocrisy? And that’s the one criticism lost in all of this. They’re playing for free. Right? And they’re playing for free and they’ve been playing for free and they’ve helped prop up Alabama and helped Nick Saban make millions of dollars.

“You mean to tell me that the kid’s not supposed to think about protecting his ability to make one dollar playing football? I have a problem with that just conceptually. It’s a bad look for Saban to talking about it…”

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