Alabama head coach Nick Saban shares his thoughts on satellite camps.

“My thing about it is I don’t know that the satellite camp is that big deal in terms of — we have a recruiting calendar though,” Saban said on the Big O Show with Joe Zagacki at SEC Media Days. “And that part of the time we’re not supposed to recruit off campus. So I think satellite camps is a loophole in the rule to do that so I think the NCAA should do something about that. We’re not allowed to do it in our conference. The other issue that I have is that we need to have a level playing field like they do in the NFL. We’re gonna have five major conferences that can go to a playoff. Everybody should play by the same rules and we need somebody to say what these rules are. Not each conference or each league decide how we can create an advantage for ourselves because we’re in this part of the country and we want to get in that part of the country.

“There’s got to be a competition committee, a rules committee, somebody that has the authority to do what’s best for the game and the integrity of the game and make it a level playing field for all the people in the five major conferences.”

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