Canes fans had to be reeling upon learning that Michael Irvin Jr. plans to follow in his dad’s footsteps after committing to the University of Miami this summer.

But “The Playmaker” joked this was in the works for quite a while.

“Well I’ve brainwashed him for quite a while on this,” Michael Irvin said on the Joe Rose Show. “I remember telling him at six, if you don’t want to go to Miami, that’s good. That’s your choice. Let me know now so I can stop feeding you. He was six years old at the time so he was all cool with it in his young age. Like all kids, man, when they start getting 14, 15, they think they know everything. He’s like ‘well, dad I get to make the decision’ and I’m like ‘oh my god, who is this fella right here?’

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