Omar Kelly doesn’t appear to be backing off the Dan Marino slighting as he continued to hammer home his highly questionable opinion that Tom Brady has the stronger legacy because of his four Super Bowl rings.

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“Listen, Crowder,” Kelly said on the Kup and Crowder Show. “Seven years no playoffs. Six years no winning seasons. Eight playoff wins in 17 years.

“I’m saying great versus great, count the rings. Is Joe Montana better than Dan Marino? In my mind he is because he’s got rings and titles and championships and beat him head to head. I’m not saying Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson and Slappy McDougle and Doug Williams are better than Dan Marino. I’m saying great versus great, yes, I’m factoring in rings. I’m going to hold it against Dan — he doesn’t have any.”

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“I get why this argument is so resistant to South Florida… I think the nation would vote Tom Brady over Dan Marino but I understand why we cannot come to terms with that and grasp that. Dan Marino ran this franchise for 17 years. He had pretty good successful seasons, a couple not-so-successful seasons, but he had pretty good successful seasons and kept South Florida afloat when we only had the Hurricanes and the Dolphins, kept us relevant nationally. Created a offense that the nation had to see so we were on national TV all the time. He fueled the Dolphins’ franchise but according to you and Randall the Thrill Hill, and everybody else on Twitter or on the phone calls, you know why Dan Marino never won? … Because he was holding up the Slappy McDougles and I don’t think that’s fair. How many Pro Bowlers has Tom Brady played with?”

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