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PALMETTO BAY (CBSMiami) — Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John DuBois has decided he won’t continue to house an accused pedophile in his waterfront mansion.  And for the first time, the father of the alleged nine year-old victim is speaking out.

“It’s been an absolute nightmare.  My daughter hasn’t had a good night’s sleep,” said the father, whose name CBS4 is not revealing in order to protect the identity of his child.  “The anxiety level in our household is through the roof.”

In February, Stanley “Junior” Kowlessar allegedly broke into the family’s home in the middle of the night, and sexually molested the 9-year-old daughter in her bedroom.

“We feel that he should not have been released,” the father said on Monday.  “We don’t feel safe.”

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Judge Cristina Miranda gave Junior Kowlessar bail, partly because Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John DuBois agreed to house Junior in DuBois’ manse on the bay.

Junior’s father, Stanley, Sr., is a good friend and political supporter of the vice mayor, who has steadfastly insisted Junior is innocent.  DuBois has spoken of Junior Kowlessar as a “good family friend,” and told a judge at a bond hearing earlier this year that there was no way he could be convinced that Junior is guilty of what he’s accused of.

“I would like to know how Mr. DuBois can make those statements,” the alleged victim’s father said.  “I don’t recall seeing him in my daughter’s room on the night this crime was committed.  I was there.  I saw the defendant in my daughter’s room.”

The vice mayor not only gave Kowlessar a place to stay, he hosted a barbecue fundraiser at his home to aid in Junior’s defense.

“It’s outrageous to me that a public official would take that stance without having knowledge beforehand, and that’s exactly what he did,” the father told CBS4 News.  “This puts into question his integrity and his decision-making.”

Last week, the state revealed two more alleged victims, violated when they were children and Junior an adult.  The state asked the judge to revoke his bond, but she refused, saying Kowlessar has not violated the rules of his release.

“I think that the message that’s being sent is that it’s okay to commit these crimes and you can be right back on the streets,” the father said Monday.

“The alleged victim’s neighbors are so outraged they’ve created website condemning Junior’s continued releases

John DuBois has decided his houseguest has got to go, citing ongoing news coverage.  CBS4 exclusively revealed last week that DuBois was housing the accused sexual predator, and that additional alleged victims had been identified.

In a statement to CBS4 News on Monday, DuBois said, “I don’t think it’s fair for my status as an elected official to threaten Mr. Kowlessar’s right to a fair…judicial process.  I will continue to support the Kowlessar family through their difficult times.”

The alleged victim’s dad says Kowlessar shouldn’t be living in any neighborhood.

“I think he’s committed a crime against my daughter and my family and he should be put back in jail,” the father said.

Kowlessar’s attorney, Robert Amsel, confirmed that he will file a motion in the “next day or two,” asking the court to approve new digs for his client.  Amsel wouldn’t say where.  Any new domicile would have to be approved by Judge Miranda.