The Miami Heat are officially slotted to pick No. 10 overall in the first round of June’s NBA Draft.

With Alonzo Mourning on hand as the franchise’s ambassador at the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery, the team couldn’t beat the overwhelming four-percent odds by jumping into the Top 3 after the ping pong balls were randomly selected.

Coming into the lottery, the Heat had an 87-percent chance of staying in the 10 spot and a 9-percent chance of slipping to 11 or worse, which would have meant Philly acquiring Miami’s pick via Cleveland to fulfill the sign-and-trade of LeBron James from 2010.

The full results of the lottery are below.

1. Wolves

2. Lakers

3. Sixers

4. Knicks

5. Magic

6. Kings

7. Nuggets

8. Pistons

9. Hornets

10. Heat

11. Pacers

12. Jazz

13. Suns

14. Thunder