The Miami Heat are looking to qualify for the NBA postseason despite the injury bug teeing off on them like it’s the Hunger Games but the good news is their relatively healthy starting backcourt makes up the league’s most potent attacking duo with the ball in their hands in terms of efficiency.

Enter Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic, who rank first and second, respectively, in field-goal percentage on drives this season (min of five attempts), according to NBA.com.

The separation between them? A heaping 0.01 percent, with both exceeding the 55-percent mark.


They’re also both beasts at the rim (shooting above 65%), making them the undisputed apex NBA backcourt in terms of finishing among the Land of Bigs. The most surprising part about it in regards to Dragic is he has just one — as in singular — dunk on the entire season. For comparison’s sake, Dwyane Wade has 22. Russell Westbrook has 40.

To be among the best finishers in the league regardless of position despite playing below the rim and standing just 6-foot-3, is a remarkable feat.


The Heat continue to put up with a laughable amount of injuries with the basketball gods clearly trying to keep them out of the playoffs. But they do boast the most dangerous duo of attacking guards in the league with the ball in their hands, so at least they have that going for them.

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