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FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) –The father of a three year old boy found dead inside his Hollywood home has bonded out of jail.

Twenty five year old Nelson Osceola, who is charged with neglect, walked out flanked by family members.

Osceola responding to a question from CBS 4’s Gaby Fleishman while leaving jail. The language and racial slurs from the group were so foul, not much could be used.

“Do you feel any remorse? Your son is dead,”  asked Fleischman.

“I gotta deal with this [expletive] still  every [expletive] day,” said Nelson.

Osceola’s wife, 24-year old Analiz, remains in jail charged with aggravated manslaughter, child neglect and providing police with false information in the death of her stepson Ahziya.

On Thursday, she appeared in bond court.

“You are to not have any contact with your co-defendent Nelson Osceola directly or indirectly,” said a judge.

Analiz spent much of her time crying or with her head hanging low. She was hoping for a reduced bond that was denied.  Prosecutors pointed out she knew the child was hurt and later dead, doing nothing to help, even lying.

“She lied to her own mother,her own husband about the child, claiming the child was missing,when in fact, based on her own confession to police, she knew the child had passed, your honor,” said prosecutor Eric Linder.

Thursday evening mourners held a candle light vigil to remember Ahziya in front of the Osceola’s home.

The boy’s biological mother, Karen Cypress, embraced loved ones and laid a teddy bear on the growing memorial in front of the house.

“I just feel like everybody who lived there should be held accountable, for everything,” said Cypress.

The arrest affidavit spells out the charge.

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Investigators said at 1 a.m. last Thursday, Analiz heard Ahziya grunting in bed and found that felt cold.  Police said she performed CPR and when he didn’t respond put him back to bed and went to sleep.  After the family left for work, investigators said, at 8 a.m. placed him in garbage bags and hid him in laundry room.

Ahziya died a painful, slow death according to the arrest report.

The medical examiner found bruises on his torso,head, face, both arms and both legs.  He had gouge marks on his neck and left leg with a spiral fracture to his left tibia and an open wound to top the of his foot and shin. The medical examiner said with that fracture he would not be able to walk or stand.

Police have not said who delivered the deadly blows, just that it was savage.

Court documents have revealed a clearer picture of the final hours three-year-old Ahizya.

Just hours after the body was discovered, Analiz was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When she was released Wednesday, she was arrested.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has confirmed that they received four calls to their hotline about the Osceolas. Three of the calls reportedly involved allegations of abuse which led to home visits, doctor exams and interviews with relatives. Nelson and Analiz also underwent counseling. The physical abuse allegations were not substantiated.

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