Craig Sager can’t return to the hardwood soon enough as he continues his brave recovery from Leukemia.

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The entertaining TNT sideline reporter known for his awkward and hilarious interviews with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, among other things, wasn’t able to work March Madness as scheduled after returning to work an NBA game on March 5 but sounds like he’s in good spirits after undergoing further testing, hoping to be a courtside fixture for what should be a wild NBA Playoffs.

Sager joined the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz on Monday in part to help increase awareness and fundraising for leukemia and lymphoma with his campaign on Chideo. He also shared his take on the Heat’s playoff chances, sympathized with Chris Bosh’s health scare in February, and enlightened us with some interesting care package selection by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.

“This is the Miami Heat organization, they’re very supportive of me and I talked to all your guys down there,” Sager said on 560 WQAM. “Coach Spoelstra was sending me care packages from Hooters. So I know that Chris is in good hands, he has a great support system down there, and he will make it through.”

What in the world do “care packages from Hooters” entail? Are there beautiful Hooters girls jumping out of a large box to deliver wings? Did Sager get his own pair of skimpy orange shorts and a low-cut shirt? How dare Marc Hochman or Zach Krantz not ask a follow-up question after learning this mesmerizing nugget of information. There actually is a Hooters at Bayside, steps from where the Heat play at American Airlines Arena.

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Entering a significant matchup with the Bucks on Tuesday, the seventh place Heat have a two-game cushion for a playoff berth. With how their roller coaster season has gone does Sager like Miami’s postseason chances?

“Yes, I think the way they’re playing, the fact that Dwayne’s back,” Sager said. “Obviously he was not himself all year. They’re playing well. They’ve made soma additions. And Whiteside’s been terrific. They have what it takes. The teams behind them — Charlotte, Boston, Indiana, Brooklyn — those all are I guess it was like three games, two and a half games from Miami.

“But Miami is just a different standard. I think with the coaching staff and the players they have and their desire, they want to make the playoffs. They know what it means. I think that they will make it and I hope they make it and it will be exciting when they do.”

Here’s to hoping Craig gets cleared soon and returns to the game he loves. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

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