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NORTH LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – An attempted burglary suspect is dead after deputies say he was shot and killed by a homeowner trying to protect his family.

The Broward Sheriffs Office says a man tried to break into a home at 8161 SW 11th Street around 3 AM Friday.

According to deputies, four people were sleeping inside of that house–a man, his girlfriend, her 30-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

The man who shot the attempted burglar spoke briefly to CBS4’s Gary Nelson. He told Nelson he felt bad because the man “lost his life.”

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The suspect, according to police, managed to get into the fenced-in backyard, burglarized the shed, and then tried to get into the home–that’s when the homeowner woke up.

“He heard noises in the backyard, armed himself as he has the right to do and went to the backyard, confronted the suspect who is now dead,” Keyla Concepcion with BSO said.

Detectives say the homeowner pulled out a gun and ended up shooting the alleged burglar.

The wounded man was taken to Broward Health North but did not survive.

The family was unharmed.

In a curious turn, police took the man, and his companion’s grown son, back-in for questioning Friday afternoon.  A short time later detectives and uniformed officers returned to the house, re-erected the yellow crime scene tape that had been taken down hours earlier, and re-established an active crime scene.

BSO has provided no explanation for that. A source close to the investigation told CBS4’s Nelson that detectives, in probing the shooting, had come across a “game changer.”  The source offered no further explanation.

Residents in the area heard the gunfire just after 3 AM.

“I heard what I thought was a firecracker but I guess it turned out to be a gunshot across the street,” said Juan Corpus.

Some said there have been a number of homes broken into recently and that the scenario was bound to happen.

“We’re tired of people breaking into homes,” said Ben Myers. “Every man’s house is his castle and you can’t go in a man’s house. You knew what you was getting in to…you don’t know if the man is armed or not and that’s just the risk you take.”

According to BSO, however, residential burglaries in the area have actually deresed by more than 40-percent when compared year to year.

It’s unclear if the man killed was armed or not.

Preliminary investigation doesn’t appear the homeowner will face any charges.

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