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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Alex Dopazo is a South Florida insurance salesman and, with his many high-tech gadgets and busy lifestyle, some might say he’s a technology addict.

“I have an iPad, an iPhone, an iPad mini. I have a laptop. I have a net book,” said Dopazo.

Sure many people these days have a variety of devices, but Dopazo’s collection doesn’t stop there.

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“I have three screens. I have my email open on one side. My management system on the other and what I’m working on one,” Dopazo said. “I get between 300 to 400 emails a day.”

CBS4’s Vanessa Borge asked FIU psychology Professor Dr. Matthew Sutherland whether he believes Dopazo has a technology addiction.

“When we think about technology over-usage it does appear that Alex uses technology a fair bit,” said Professor Sutherland.

Doctor Sutherland may think so, but he can’t diagnose Dopazo as a technology addict because it’s not actually recognized in the Manual of Mental Disorders.

India, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore have clinics dedicated to technology addictions.

Everyone knows many Americans like their tech gadgets—whether or not clinics will pop up in the US remains to be seen.

“Americans on average own four digital devices and two out of three are smart phone users,” Dr Sutherland said.

Those in need of a digital detox, Lucy Pearson suggests unplugging for at least a weekend.

“Your brain is constantly processing loads and loads of incoming information,” Pearson said.

Pearson and her business partner began a wellness program called Unplugged Weekend, a rehab-like getaway for phone addicts.

Weekend getaways are held where no technology is allowed.

Upon arrival, guests lock their mobiles in a box.

“There’s no distractions which already creates a really great social environment and it means people can interact with each other more deeply,” said Pearson.

As for Dopazo, you may think he’s too attached to his digital devices, but he disagrees.

“I don’t think I personally have an addiction, because I think I can live without. I don’t want to but I think I can,” Dopazo said.



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