MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The named “person of interest” in a deadly hit and run crash, involving an expensive sports car,  is now under arrest.

Radomin Vicente Delgado Lozada was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol on Thursday morning. He was charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving death, which is a felony.

FHP officials say Delgado was the man behind the wheel of a red Ferrari when it collided with two other vehicles on I-75 on August, 10th, 2013. The crash killed Jorge Arrojas and  injured his partner Miguel Larrieu. The couple was headed home from a dinner out with friends.

“Jorge had his head on top of my chest and I kept asking him to breathe but it was over because I couldn’t see him breathe,” recalled Larrieu, adding, “Thank God there were some people who stopped to help and called an ambulance, but the person who did this didn’t even worry if we were alive or dead.”

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When troopers arrived, Arrojas was dead and the driver of the Ferrari was gone leaving the $300,000 car totaled on the side of I-75.

Investigators were able to track the sports car back to Radomin Delgado, who is listed online as a race car driver. Delgado can be found in YouTube videos.  The videos say he is driving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. That’s the same model car that was involved in the crash that killed Jorge Arrojas.  He was named a person of interest in the case just days after the crash, but the arrest took much longer.   According to arresting documents, investigators used cell phone records and DNA evidence to determine it was Delgado behind the wheel of the Ferrari the night Arrojas died.

“This man was walking like nothing had happened for 13 months but I’m very grateful that finally this is coming to an end – this ordeal – and we can move on with our lives.”


Still, it is devastating for Larrieu to move on without the man he loved for so long.

“I never thought that our 40 year relationship would end in five minutes. He was my best friend, my brother, my lifelong companion… Jorge was a person that would put everyone ahead of himself he would try to help everyone,” said Larrieu.

When asked what kind of punishment Delgado should face, Larrieu responded, “I would like him to serve some time or pay for what he did because he ruined our lives.”

CBS4’s Maggie Newland reached out to the lawyer representing Radomin Delgado Lozada.  The lawyer had no comment.

According to a lawyer for Larrieu, a civil suit against Delgado was settled earlier this year.


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