Untouched for thousands of years, the Florida Everglades is a pristine subtropical environment that countless numbers of plants and animals call home. With more than 60 species currently on the federal threatened or endangered list, the tropical wetland is a rare but amazing ecosystem, showcasing all kinds of iconic animals, vegetation and more. An Everglades tour is a great way for young and old to experience firsthand the beauty and splendor of this unique environment. Searching for the best Everglades Tours around? Look no further than Everglades Holiday Park.

Educational and Entertaining

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The perfect Everglades tours should be more than a boat ride through a river of grass, but a terrific combination of education and entertainment. All boat captains at Everglades Holiday Park are native Floridians with tons of firsthand knowledge about the area, ready to answer questions and entertain the crowd with fun facts, stories and interesting specifics. Is that an alligator hole over there? Is it mating season and what is that unusual noise coming from under that bush? The best Everglades tours should leave you “oohing and ahhing” as you encounter wildlife, unique vegetation and more.

Discover, Enlighten and Inspire

The real magic of an Everglades airboat tour begins when the wildlife start to emerge. A one-of-a-kind adventure, Everglades tours offer glorious scenery, but it’s the animals that are truly magnificent. Curious gators peak out of the water, tropical snakes slither toward prey and wading birds balance quietly and elegantly on long legs over schools of brightly colored tropical fish. Your Everglades Holiday Park captain knows exactly where to slow the boat for you to get the best view, uncovering the rare gem that is this amazing ecosystem. Sit back, relax and take in the splendors of Florida’s sunny Everglades.

More Than Meets the Eye

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An hour long tour through the wetlands is ample time to see some pretty amazing sights, but the adventure continues when you return to Everglades Holiday Park. Each airboat ride is followed by a live gator show featuring Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys.” Adrenalin-charged and exciting, the show entertains, informs and gives you a rare peek into the behavior of Florida’s ancestral dinosaur- the alligator. The show is action-packed and the lively Gator Boys are sure to keep you on your toes with exciting tricks and stunts.

The best everglades tours begin and end with a smile, and Everglades Holiday Park is a great place to start. For wildlife encounters, unforgettable scenery and an action-packed live gator show to finish it off, this is one family-friendly adventure that’s sure to leave an impression.

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