JUPITER (CBSMiami) — Soccer is much more than just a game to many of the people who play it.  It’s a culture, a bonding comradeship that unites people of all different backgrounds.

You need look no further than town of Jupiter, Florida where the game has brought a community of hard-working, low income workers together, uniting under the borderless banner of the game they hold so dear.

They gather on the outer corners of recreation league fields, playing under failing lights and using split-rail fences as goals.

With generations of family members from different parts of the globe enjoying the game of soccer, these people have forged bonds and friendships that go well beyond the dirt and grass fields they play on.

For a closer look into who these people are and how much the community has brought them together, click the video below to watch a short documentary from Sports on Earth to see just how much the game of soccer can have a positive impact on someone no matter how much the odds are stacked against them.

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