The Florida Everglades is incredible. In fact, it’s celebrated as one of the most breathtaking natural environments the world has ever seen. With exciting reptiles, unique tropical plants and new surprises behind every twist and turn, the sun drenched wetlands are hard to forget. So how do you take in this amazing environment? With an exciting airboat tour of course! Here are some of the most compelling reasons to explore the sunshine state by taking a fun filled airboat ride- Everglades style.


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Interested in learning about the wetlands and its inhabitants? Forget about trying to imagine what alligator skin looks like from a book. An airboat ride, complements of Everglades Holiday Park brings you on location so you can see it all in living color. But amazing wildlife is just the tip of the iceberg because an airboat ride through the Everglades showcases all kinds of unique and magnificent flora and fauna. Long legged wading birds, awesome tropical snakes and bright, colorful fish dash in and out of view. A unique learning experience you don’t want to miss; sit back and relax as a friendly boat captain fills in the blanks with fun facts, historical background and everything you need to know to appreciate the mystery and wonder of the state’s most treasured natural attraction.


How about an activity that passes the “parent test”? Everglades Holiday Park reminds us that there are still a few family friendly, safe activities left. And with fresh air, sunshine and unspoiled nature, airboat rides in the Everglades couldn’t be more down to earth. That’s the beauty of it, and exactly why parents with a few kids in tow choose airboat rides through the Everglades as a safe, meaningful way to spend the day together.

Good Old Fashioned Fun

An honest thrill for all ages, traveling through wetlands spying on wildlife is just plain fun. Teenagers delight in seeing alligators swim close to the boat and dads fulfill their need for speed by gliding over a river of grass at close to 50 miles per hour. Everglades Holiday Park offers the only covered airboats around, and moms are glad to hear that blaring sun, rain showers or turbulent weather conditions cannot prevent the gang from enjoying an hour-long tour.

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Not sure what to do with the kids this summer? If you’re planning a visit to Florida or you live within driving distance, an airboat ride Everglades-style simply must be at the top of the list. Make memories the old-fashioned way- climb aboard an airboat and let genuine laughter, smiles and the perfect day trip complements of Everglades Holiday Park lead the way.

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