MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s award winning restaurant, Larios on the Beach is back in business  serving up delicious Latino flavors after a major interior renovation.

Larios on the Beach originally opened on ocean drive back in 1992.

Emilio himself did a lot of the design and handy work such as hand plastering shells onto the wall.

“We are so happy because we are the really first and still the only Cuban restaurant on Ocean Drive, so you know when we opened it, we go back to saying this would never happen and look, 25 years and we are still here,” said Emilio Estefan.

Every inch of the restaurant has that Emilio and Gloria touch of home.

A new feature to  Larios menu is The Triple C: “Calorie Conscious Cuban” . It’s a selection of delicious, guilt-free Cuban staples created by Gloria herself.

“I think second generation of Latinos and American people  want to eat Cuban food, but they want to eat it in a different, healthier way,” said Estefan.

Executive chef, Torres prepares traditional Cuban dishes-with an emphasis on health this time around. As CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo  found out when she tried “El Chino Cubano “with veggies and shrimp.

“I feel like I’m in the streets of Little Havana or actually in Havana, Cuba. It is that authentic. The flavors and the rice and the seasonings are making me hear the sounds of Cuban music. Can you hear it?” joked Petrillo.

(Source: CBS4)

(Source: CBS4)

The ceviche is made with the freshest Corvina.

“This is ceviche! Lemon, lime, ‘citrusy’, fresh melts in your mouth fish- my favorite,” said Petrillo.

The Vacas Frita with chicken is served sizzling on the grill!

“I am going to be honest this could be the best Vaca Fritas I have ever had! There is a lemon in the chicken with the onion. It is so moist,” said Petrillo.

(Source: CBS4)

(Source: CBS4)

Then it’s time for Pargo frito  which is red Snapper served whole.

“It has that very seared crunch, but then the fish on the inside is so tender. You can get rid of the head if that freaks you out,” said Petrillo.

Lario’s on the Beach is open seven days a week for  lunch and dinner.

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