MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Two South Florida mail carriers are being recognized this week for going above and beyond delivering letters to residents.

National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) officials acknowledged letter carrier Jesus Malvarez, from Coconut Grove, on Tuesday and Oakland Park letter carrier Mark Gereffi on Wednesday morning.

The two men received a lapel pin to symbolize their heroism displayed while on the job.

Malvarez was on his usual assigned route at 4033 Park Avenue in Coconut Grove on October 22nd when he heard a customer screaming for help.

The door was open, Malvarez entered and found his customer, who he had known for 10 years, lying on the floor, trembling with chest pains.

Malvarez called 9-1-1 and stayed with the customer while paramedics coached him over the phone. Fire rescue arrived and transported her to the hospital.

The woman survived and Malvarez’s actions are being credited with preventing her from having a fatal heart attack.

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Gereffi was delivering mail on his route when one of his customers needed help.

“As I was going up to the house to deliver the mail I saw here on the front porch screaming for help yelling in pain saying she was having a heart attack and could I call 911,” Gereffi said Wednesday.

Gereffi stayed with the woman, talking to her and the 9-1-1 operator until paramedics arrived.

“I know what’s involved with heart problems I’ve had open heart surgery myself and know what’s involved so just trying to get some help to her as fast as you could,” said Gereffi.

Paramedics said she was having a stroke and transported her to Holy Cross Hospital.

Thanks to Gereffi’s quick actions, the woman lived. He, too, is credited with saving a customer’s life.

“Anybody else would’ve done the same thing,” Gereffi said.



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