Journey deep into the wetlands, glide effortlessly across the Sawgrass River and spy on massive gators, exotic snakes and gorgeous birds. Witness the mangroves come alive under your feet as you tour one of the most active ecosystems in the United States. Welcome to the Florida Everglades, home to a variety of exciting sights and sounds. Miami airboat tours bring you face-to-face with exotic wild life in their natural habitat including Florida’s own ancestral dinosaur, the American alligator. Here’s how the perfect Miami airboat tour can unleash the power of the unspoiled ecosystem known as the Florida Everglades.

Reptiles, Reptiles and More Reptiles

You’re not alone if you’re looking forward to experiencing a few intense moments with some truly unique Everglades reptiles. Miami airboat tours are revered for providing the most remarkable view- up close and personal. And if close proximity is you’re goal, you’re sure to be thrilled as you’re likely to come face-to-face with one of over 200,000 alligators and 27 different types of snakes who call the Everglades home. Glide over the “river of grass” where these reptiles reside and it’s nearly impossible not to feel the intimidation and voracity of these incredible animals.

Let the Softer Side of the Everglades Inspire You

But power has a softer side and Florida natives know better than most that next to the rugged and rough reputation of the American alligator, there’s a tranquility and elegance to the Everglades. The best Miami airboat tour presents both- the unique opportunity to experience excitement as seen through ferocious reptiles while being inspired by the Everglades softer side. Catch a glimpse of one of the more popular water dwellers, the West Indian manatee. With grace and beauty, this is one animal that is simply awesome to witness.

Take In a Live Show Hosted by Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys”

You’re Miami airboat tour doesn’t end when you get out of the boat because there’s plenty more to see. How about witnessing a few death-defying exploits with the alligators, unscripted and live. The Gator Boys demonstrate expertise and knowledge handling these animals, while educating guests and promoting conservation. The crowd can’t help but to be on its feet as the boys get down and dirty with one of the most ferocious reptiles in South Florida. With dangerous stunts, cool demonstrations and more, this heart pumping show will forever change the way you view the American alligator and the Everglades

With front row seats to one of nature’s finest exhibitions, an adrenalin-charged live gator show and more, the best Miami airboat tours begin and end with Everglades Holiday Park. When you’re ready for an adventure, book your tickets here or call (954) 434-8111.

Above content has been provided by Everglades Holiday Park.



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