MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Pembroke Pines Police are searching for the person or people responsible for vandalizing one of their police cruisers last week.

According to police, they had parked the car as a decoy vehicle at an empty building which had been burglarized recently.

The building is located in a fenced in area near an abandoned church at 1600 SW 66th Avenue.

Police said  the car was vandalized on March 20th since they found the spray painted cruiser the next day.

“I saw the spray paint but I didn’t see who did it,” said Jonathon Ruvalcaba who lives nearby.

There was no graffiti on the building, just on the police car that was parked in front of it.

People who live nearby wonder if it’s bored kids.

“They have nothing to do. It’s spring break,” said one man. “When the kids are out of school they find something to do.”

“Opportunist!” said another neighbor. “They see something that’s not being manned or operated and they just do what they do.”

A lot of families live in the neighborhood.  They said they never see a big problem with graffiti in the area but the building is an eye sore. It’s boarded up and surrounded by garbage.

The question now is who took it a step further and vandalized the cruiser?   Another question people are asking is, “Was someone perhaps taunting police or sending a message with the crude comments sprawled across the car?”

“Catch me if you can basically, right?” wondered Ruvalcaba. “Real gutsy!”

Police have no surveillance video and no leads.  They’re hoping someone from the public will come forward with information.

Ted Scouten