MIAMI (CBS4) – Joe Cross loves his fruits and vegetables so much so he’s made a career out of it. He wrote a book called Reboot, which is all about juicing.

Cross uses a juicer to extract all the juice from his produce. His personal story of transformation was chronicled in the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” which has been seen by more than five million people worldwide. However, Cross wasn’t always so fruit friendly.

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“I use to get a cucumber or a pickle on my burger and that was it,” said Cross. “I was really bad.”

Cross got up to 320 pounds and was loaded on medication for a chronic disease; he then made a choice to juice. For two months he juiced fruits and vegetables and documented his journey in the documentary.

In the book, he covers what a juicing diet does to your body, but Cross is human. He eats like us – sometimes.

“The diet I live on is pretty much like the average American. I eat processed food. I eat animal product, but I eat lots of plant food,” said Cross. “It’s the plant food that so many of us aren’t getting enough of.”

Cross is right. Only 32 percent of people eat enough fruits a day and 26 percent eat enough vegetables.

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“The average American is only getting seven percent of their energy from plants, and 93 percent from animal products and processed food,” said Cross.

So why juice instead of just eating veggies?

To have the amount of fruit and vegetables you get in just one juice, you’d be sitting at your breakfast table for a while trying to chow down on all of that so instead you just drink it up.

There’s a three-day, five-day, 15-day and 30-day juicing plan. The question is which plan is good for you?

“It really does depend on your individual body,” said Cross. “You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, mentally you’re clearer. You’re happier and we are going to live longer and be more productive.”

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