MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In today’s Fit Friday, an exercise class for people who love the curves of their body.

Nicole Mejia teaches women looking to become as curvaceous and as confident as she is, but she wasn’t always envied for her curvier body.

“I’ve always been thick so that comes with insecurities and people teasing you about the size of your legs because when I was younger it was not in style to have thick legs.”

Nicole embraced her shape and even began her own workout revolution.

“Fit and Thick” with Nicole Mejia is all about the female form. But not what you see in a magazine like airbrushed, size zeroes.

“So if a woman has a 9 to 5, she has three kids, she has a husband, she has her book club and she wants to work out and look good then she is always going to feel like she is falling short she is never going to be able to achieve that goal.”

Fit and thick is for those who live in a world of temptations and time restraints.

“I still want to have my cake on the weekends. Because that’s normal that’s what normal girls do. And we can still be fit and we can still eat the right portions, exercise, and look beautiful but still be the shapes that we are and the sizes that we are,” explained Nicole.

So eat your cake but then get ready for her signature butt blasting moves. Nicole’s building butts and building confidence which is what gives her drive.

“When I get an email from a girl and she says ‘Oh my God you’ve motivated me. My butt is looking better. My husband thinks this is the sexiest I’ve ever looked. You’re the cover on my phone.’ That is my motivation. That is what makes me feel confident because then I know what I’m doing is actually making a difference.”

Click here for a list of class locations and times.

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