MIAMI (CBS4) – A beautiful bundle of joy, little Sebastian de la Cruz is bright eyed, alert and healthy in the arms of his mother Paula Vargas.

“I’m grateful. I’m very happy and overjoyed,” said Vargas as she spoke to reporters two weeks after her son’s ordeal on a Miami highway.

Mom thinks a lot about the moment when Sebastian was turning blue and unable to breathe in his aunt’s SUV on the busy Dolphin Expressway. A frantic Pamela Rouseo, Sebastian’s aunt, got out of the vehicle and flagged down several people to help.

Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz snapped pictures after flagging down a Sweetwater Police Officer and a woman who left her own baby in her car to offer assistance. It was a moment in which several strangers stopped everything to help little Sebastian, who Vargas said could have died on that highway.

“I think about it all the time and I can’t believe he’s here, so healthy and so happy,” she said.

Rouseo, who runs a pre-school and has three children of her own, said she has CPR training, but was under stress when the baby stopped breathing and needed help from others who called 911 and calmed her down.

“I personally am a very positive person and I believe everyone will do good if given the chance especially if a baby is involved,” Rouseo said.

Vargas and her husband, Robinson de la Cruz say they can’t believe the attention given to the story and plan to tell Sebastian about the afternoon total strangers stopped to help save him.

“He’s our blessing so when he is old enough we plan to explain everything to him and tell him about everything he’s been through,” Vargas said.


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