DEERFIELD BEACH (CBSMiami) – Bad blood between three men for the last two years almost cost a Deerfield Beach tax preparer her life.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said it began in May 2012 when Paul Clarck was arrested after he allegedly assaulted Mario Sanchez and his brother Antonio.

Flash forward to last Thursday, Feb. 27th, when the Sanchez’s brother Jessie, 17, spotted Clarck in a store in Deerfield Beach. Jessie Sanchez reportedly went into the store, had a few words with Clarck and then left.

The sheriff’s office said Jessie Sanchez then went home and told his old brother Mario, 23, about his encounter with Clarck. After Jessie grabbed a gun he, along with Mario and Antonio, drove back to the area where Clarck was last seen, according to Mario Sanchez’s arrest form.

It didn’t take long for them to spot Clarck and a second person, identified as Daryl Johnson, walking in the 4600 block of N Dixie Highway. Mario Sanchez pulled up alongside the men, pointed a gun at them and both he and Jessie told Clarck they were going to kill him, according to the arrest report.

Standing his ground, Clarck challenged both Mario and Jessie to a fight. It was at this time that Clarck noticed Antonio Sanchez in the back seat.

Mario pulled in the parking lot of Circle K and Jessie jumped out of the car, walked up to Clarck who pushed him away. Jessie Sanchez then went back to the car, pointed it at Clarck who took off on foot in fear for his life, according the sheriff’s office.

With Mario following, Jessie reportedly fired several shots at Clarck. At one point, the sheriff’s office said Mario grab the gun and started shooting at Clarck.

Clarck and Johnson would later tell investigators they heard five shots.

One of those shots pierced the window of Dixie Fast Tax office and whizzed by tax preparer Michelle Merced’s ear.

“I thought to myself I almost died,” said Merced. “It scares you to death. I keep the door closed ever since it happened.”

Rolston Francis was paying his rent when he heard gunfire.

“I heard pow pow pow and fell down on the floor” Francis said.

At the time Merced was meeting with a client who ran out of the door and never returned. Merced told sheriff’s investigators that she saw three people in the vehicle and two of them had fired shots at Clarck in an attempt to kill him.

After the shooting, Mario drove off. Broward sheriff’s deputies spotted Sanchez car I-95 and stopped it. Mario and Jessie were the only ones inside. Clarck and Johnson both identified Mario and Jessie Sanchez as the shooters.

The Sanchez brothers face a number of charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault.


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