DAVIE (CBSMiami) – As the Miami Dolphins franchise tries to put the ugly incident surrounding Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin behind it; the team’s union representative tried to blast the report while admitting he never read it.

Long-snapper John Denney made his case against the report saying it was overblown and happened in every NFL locker room.

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“It’s overblown, because this has been my experience with the league my entire career from Day One,” Denney said. “If something needed to be done, it needed to be done a long time ago. It has never escalated. I never saw conditions worsen. I guess we’re late in getting to the issue.”

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Denney continued, “I would be comfortable in saying if you put an investigation on any of the 32 teams in the NFL, you’re going to come out with the exact same results.”

Denney’s comments were the first from the Dolphins union representative since the report was issued. But, his defense of the harassment directed at Martin, another offensive lineman and an assistant trainer put another mark over a Dolphins franchise desperate to get past the mess.

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Denney also blasted Martin saying everything wouldn’t have happened if he had never left the team in the first place. “You know the answer to that. I’m not answering that question. It’s a little obvious.”