MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Parents better pay attention. The next time you see your child guzzling a can of whipped cream, you might want to give them a sobriety test. The newest trend for young people is a boozy treat of alcohol-infused whipped cream.

It’s a treat! It’s a dessert!

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“I want to put it in my ice cream,” said Rigo.

It’s the frosting on a cake, the topping on a coffee or the drink that will get you drunk.

“It kind of tastes like a shot,” Yvette declared.

What it isn’t is a can of real whipped cream. Instead this boozy treat is laced with vodka and sold in liquor stores.

“Wow that’s really strong!”

The brand CBS4’s Cynthia Demos purchased in four flavors has 14% alcohol. That’s the equivalent of three or four cans of beer.

“That’s crazy!” Juan exclaimed.

“14%!” screamed Josue Paredes. “You finish a whole bottle and I think you get pretty tipsy!”

Because the alcohol is concentrated into the whipped cream, even adults who add it to their sweet or fruity drinks can seriously increase the alcohol content of what they’re drinking.

DR. DANIEL BOBER/PSYCHIATRIST “Just know that there is a significant alcohol content and it does allow someone to consume a large amount of alcohol in a very short period of time,” said Dr. Daniel Bober.

And that’s exactly what concerns this local psychiatrist about a product like this being in the hands of young people.

“We know that binge drinking is 90% of the drinking that occurs in people less than age 21,” Bober said.

But who thinks of whipped cream as drinking? No one really….

“Tastes just like Pina Colada.”

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… until we asked them to take a taste test.

“Yeah you can taste the alcohol!” said Josue.

They tasted the chocolate.

“That’s actually pretty good,” Yvette said.

“Definitely would throw this on my cake,” agreed Parker.

They tested caramel.

“That one tastes better too. Taste really good!” insisted Josue.

Yvette agreed. “This one’s a little bit stronger at least I taste it, like the alcohol more.”

And that is just why this new trend of whipping high has the potential to be so dangerous for underage kids.

“Well the biggest concern is young people because we know that this whipped cream is marketed in different flavors which specifically targets young people,” said Bober.

“I’m a high school teacher,” Yvette explained. “So I can see where the high school kids would definitely love this or even the middle school kids because I mean it really… unless you read the small print that says liquor… then you really don’t know that it has liquor in it so that could be a problem.”

“The only risk I could see is that kids might actually think its whipped cream,” commented Rigo.

“Like when I was young I used to just take whipped cream and down it myself,” admitted Juan. “If I downed this myself I think not only will I get extra fat… I think extra drunk! (laughs) Absolutely.”

Calories aside, parents can no longer assume a child is just adding a little whipped cream to their ice cream these days.

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And while these whipping alcohols may be fun and unique for adult parties, experts insist that even adults who don’t drink need to be aware of how much alcohol they’re consuming if they top off their hot toddy or pina colada with a dollop of spiked whipped cream.