MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami Police have recovered thousands of dollars of high-end purses after a “smash and grab” robbery at Dadeland Mall on Friday.

CBS4 news crews were there exclusively at Northeast 1st Avenue and 78th Street as two of the suspects were taken into custody and more than $12,000 worth of purses were recovered from their Chevrolet Malibu.

Some of the items were St. Laurent and Jimmy Choo purses and had price tags on them. The prices were valued at between $1500 and $2500 each. At least a half dozen purses were recovered, police said.

They say a third suspect was arrested near the Dadeland Mall.

Police say they stole the items after smashing a glass counter near the entrance to a Saks Fifth Avenue store.

An alert Miami Police officer who was aware of a BOLO or a Be-on-the-lookout bulletin spotted the suspects’ car and it was pulled over at Northeast 78th Street and Northeas 1st Avenue.

“We received notice about a vehicle fitting that description,” said Miami Police Sgt. Marvin Sanders in an exclusive interview with CBS4’s Peter D’Oench.

“With that description officers came to the area and we pulled over the car and we asked the individuals to get out,” said Sanders. “At that time we realized they had the merchandise in the car.”

“I feel very good about the work our people did,” he said. “I am very proud of my guys. I mean they got the description and came to the area really, really fast. They were able to take the individuals into custody and get the merchandise. This seems like a good case.”

So far the suspects have not been identified and there is no word on charges against them.

Miami-Dade Police say they will check with their Robbery Clearinghouse to see if they are connected to any other crimes.

“This will send a message that you can’t get away with this?” asked D’Oench.

“That’s right,” said Sanders. “At least in the City of Miami we will catch you.”

Peter D'Oench