MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Attorneys for a Miami Beach strip club which was shut down after it was learned that a teen girl had allegedly danced there have filed an emergency injunction asking that it be allowed to re-open.

Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales temporarily stripped Club Madonna of its license after accusations were made that a 13-year old girl worked there as a nude dance.

A four page order, signed by Morales, effectively shut down Club Madonna for six months.

The club’s owner, Leroy Griffith, insists he knew nothing about the girl.

“If this girl did dance, it’s an isolated instance, it’s not indicative of the manner this club has operated lawfully for 40 years,” said Richard Wolfe, an attorney for the club. “Proper safeguards have been put in place to make sure it never happens again.”

Wolfe said the real reason behind the suspension of the club’s license had nothing to do with public safety. Instead, he thinks it’s retaliation because of a $30,000 bribe and a liquor license dispute with the city. Morales has denied that’s why he made the decision.

“I continue to stand by my decision to pull Club Madonna’s business license,” said Morales. “We used the exact procedures required by our city code. The club owner is now availing himself of the legal remedies available to him.”

The Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and Miami Police arrested four people and accused them of forcing the minor to prostitute herself and dance at the club. They’ve been charged with human trafficking.