MIAMI (CBSMiami) –A 4-year-old girl missing since Friday afternoon is back in the arms of her family. Police don’t know where she was during those 36 hours she was gone, but her family is happy she’s back.

“I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy, happy, happy. Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you so much. Thank you God, ” said the child’s mother.

The child disappeared from her front yard Friday afternoon.  About 5:30 Sunday morning police said a man was spotted with the girl in front of her house.

“The two witnesses were confronting the man who had the girl in his custody. He told the little girl to go inside her home. The police were called,” said Frederica Burden with Miami Police.

The child’s safe, but police are still looking for man who had her. They say he took off while the witnesses were calling police.

Whatever happened the family is overjoyed.

The child’s godmother, Elena Gaffrard,  said the little girl came home frightened with her hair messy.

“She was scared. She said she was hungry,” said Gaffrard.

It is a major relief for the family, but now police are trying to figure out what happened over the last 36 hours.

Detectives have released two very similar sketches. It’s unclear if they are possibly of the same person or two different people.

The child was last seen at around 4:00 p.m. Friday  at  36 NE 64th Terrace.

Police said she was playing with neighbors who later went inside while she stayed outside. When they returned, she was gone, according to the neighbors.

All that remained in the yard was the tricycle she had been riding.

The child’s parents told CBS4 News she is a very quiet girl and did not have a tendency of wandering off.

Anyone with information on the case should call Miami Police at 305-579-6630.