MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Starting Friday, moviegoers will be getting flicks from the fantastical in “The Hobbit” to crime in the  streets of New Jersey to spending Christmas with Madea to the late Paul Walker’s suspense drama, “Hours.’

The loved Madea  dynasty is also making a holiday appearance with “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.”

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo sat down with Tyler Perry himself who also plays the title role in the film, another addition in the hilarious Madea dynasty that has made Tyler Perry a household name.

“She’s getting a lot of people out of trouble this year just through her wisdom, her advice, and her pistol,” said Perry.

The film follows Madea and her niece as they try  to find the real meaning of the holiday season by  traveling out of the city and into the country.

“She’s just going down to this country town with this other family member who has an idea of what they think Christmas is and she inspires the whole town and this family member to rethink about Christmas and relationships and everything else. So it’s really wonderful,” said Perry.