NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – One North Miami Beach teen is dead, the other in jail after after allegedly firing the shot that killed his friend.

Before pulling the trigger the Brandon Lapeikis, 19, said, according to the police report, “game over.”

Lapeikis is being held without bond.  In a police report he implied the shooting death might not have been intentional–but police are saying this was murder.

An Assistant State’s Attorney said, ” The defendant was originally arrested this morning on attempted second degree murder but the victim has since passed away as of 10:03am.”

In bond court, Lapeikis stood still wearing an orange jumpsuit– learning that the friend he allegedly shot–19-year-old Christian Salazar, had died after being transported to JMH. In open court, Lapeikis’ attorney quickly gave stern advice.

The attorney said, “Brandon, you should not have any conversations with police officers or investigators.”

But according to police, Lapeikis already did plenty of talking about what happened in his North Miami Beach home Monday night–confessing to the shooting.

Tom Carney, North Miami Beach Police PIO said, “He walked up to victim. In this case Mr. Salazar. Pointed it directly at his head. Some words were exchanged like “game over” and he pulled the trigger.”

The incident happened while Lapeikis and three friends watched Monday Night Football. The suspect allegedly left a room and returned with a gun before firing it pointblank at the victim’s forehead.

Neighbors said that’s when Lapeikis ran frantically to their house.

Christoper Arce said, “He was saying oh my God.  Oh my God! He’s inside he said something about the gun like I shot him but he was covering his face half the time…he was screaming ‘my life is over my life is over like I cant believe this just happened.’ He was really nervous he was crying. He wouldn’t look at us. He was in shock, I guess.”

Arce said he grew up with Lapeikis and is still trying to understand what happened.

Arce said, “Its hard to believe you know I’ve known him forever and we’ve been really close and he’s lived with me for 2 or 4 years…Its hard to take it in.”

According to the police report Lapeikis told investigators he intentionally pulled the trigger but that he didn’t know the gun was loaded.