MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami commissioners voted Thursday night to give Walmart the go-ahead to build a store in Midtown.

Walmart promises the two square block plot  they propose to erect will be the mother of all Walmarts.

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Opponents say Walmart will ruin an area aspiring to a chic high quality of life while the company says Midtown Walmart will be a thing of beauty, compatible with chic with a landscaped pedestrian friendly design.

After the vote, William Dezayas, who lives in the area and supports Walmart said, “It’s 500 plus jobs for my community where there is poverty where there are people who don’t know where they’re going get their next meal.”  He says he’d like to get a job there.

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Paul Savage, a lawyer for those opposed to Walmart said,  “My issue with them is they need to abide by the law which requires a major use special permit for some of the features they have in the building.  That’s what we’ve argued several times and that’s what we’ll continue to argue maybe in court.”

In earlier sessions Walmart has told the “just say no crowd” it’s bent over backward to blend in and in this proposed big box store, in an area surrounded by the unemployed, some see a lot of opportunity for construction jobs then some 700 permanent positions.

Walmart insists it will complement the community.

“We’ve done everything that’s been asked of us and actually made improvements and concessions where needed so that we could bring a project that reflects the vision of midtown,” said Walmart Spokesman Lorenzo Lopez.

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The zoning board had given a slim nod to Walmart, but opponents appealed the decision to the city commission.