DAVIE (CBSMiami) – It sounds like the set-up to a joke, but a bizarre incident Monday involving a stolen golf cat, a John Deer Gator cart, two fire extinguishers, and Nova Southeastern University has led to multiple charges against Dori Cash, 42, of Pembroke Pines.

According to Davie Police, Cash drove up to the front of the NSU’s dental clinic/school on a stolen golf cart. When she got out of the golf cart, she had two fire extinguishers in her hand. She sprayed one fire extinguisher in the lobby of the Dental Clinic.

Police said she then ran to the lobby of the clinic and sprayed the other extinguisher. She also yelled out something to the effect of “Don’t touch me I have a bomb on me,” according to Davie Police.

When Cash allegedly sprayed the extinguishers, it set off the fire alarm system and the Dental Clinic and Medical Clinic had to be evacuated. Police said Cash then stole and put on a green lab coat belonging to one of the dental clinic employees and left the Dental Clinic and headed to the loading dock area of the NSU Health Professionals Building.

David Police said Cash then stole a green John Deere Gator utility cart and at that point, NSU Public Safety and Davie Police officers began to chase her. Police said Cash drove into the West Parking Garage at NSU.

She allegedly approached two cars to try to steal their cars. According to the second person approached, Cash told her, “I need you to get out of your car. It’s okay sweetie. It’s okay. It’s okay! I’m going to take your car. I’m not going to hurt you.

The woman got out of her car, but instead of getting in the car; Cash allegedly got back onto the John Deere Gator and took off. Police said the woman crashed the Gator into a fire hydrant and ran into the University School on foot.

Davie Police said they found Cash hiding in a bush in a construction site near the campus. When police approached the woman she allegedly told officers that it wasn’t her, “It was the other guy!”

Cash now faces two counts of grand theft auto, 1 count of tampering/discharging a fire extinguisher, and one count of disrupting a school function.