FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A deal, twenty years in the making, was sealed Tuesday when Broward County Commissioners approved a lawsuit settlement with Dania Beach.

The settlement means hundreds of homeowners will be compensated for the impact of the runway expansion project going on now at the Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

“We’re eager and excited to get this behind us and work together to move forward,” Dania Beach Mayor Walter Duke told the commission.

The eight-thousand foot long, new, south runway is expected to ease air traffic delays.

Homeowners impacted by the noise will be entitled to new soundproofing doors and windows. And they will be paid a percentage of their home’s appraised value if their property value drops because of the noise.

Some homeowners have already gotten new doors and windows and like the deal.

Luis Alguelles has lived across from the airport for 23-years and said it has made all the difference in his house.

“It helps because we have new doors and windows, new AC and insulation,” he said.

But others are not so happy.

Sophia Prossic has been in her Melaleuca Gardens home across from the airport since 1956.  She raised her family here and doesn’t like what she sees. “For me it’s devastating because I plan to live here, to die here, I love it,” she said

Prossic has also gotten new doors and windows but told CBS4’s Joan Murray that the windows have destroyed her view of the outside. And she said the compensation deal won’t make up for all she’s lost.

“You know what my house is appraised for on the tax rolls?  It’s appraised for 80-thousand dollars.  I’d like them to buy this house,” said Prossic.

The runway will be completed by late 2014 and Prossic and other homeowners said only then will they know the true level of noise they’ll have to deal with in the long run.