MIAMI (CBS4) – The need to look younger is a requirement for some aging models and actresses.

It’s also desired by many people outside the entertainment world.   Some of the newer plastic surgery procedures can make people look and feel younger without any actual cutting involved.

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The latest procedure is the filler called “Voluma.”  Used in Europe, it was recently approved by the FDA for strategically plumping up hollow cheeks caused by age or weight loss.

Dr. Leslie Baumann has done test trials on Voluma and is one of the first to use it in South Florida.

“Voluma is formulated to go in the mid face or cheek. It has more lift which means when it’s injected it sort of plumps up and gives the skin more volume,” said Dr. Baumann.

Voluma is considered minimally invasive since the gel is injected into the skin using needles.  During a visit by CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo, Dr. Baumann prepped a patient’s cheeks with numbing crème and then injected two vials into her face.

“I don’t feel a thing,” said Cindy.

Unlike many other types of fillers, this one is supposed to last two years which means less visits to the doctor.

Another procedure which has gained popularity is found at spas and performed by done by estheticians – licensed professionals who are experts in improving and maintaining healthy skin.. Petrillo went to Club Essensia at Delano South Beach to put her face in their hands.

Advanced Infusion Therapy, or micro-needling, is a roller covered with 180 tiny needles that is pushed across the face. The needles inject a serum into the skin which is supposed to give it a youthful glow and natural plumping effect.

“The .25 millimeter needle will create tiny wounds in the skin, not scary wounds, very, very tiny,” said esthetician Claire Gross. “The skin will react with a wound healing response.”

The spa tells clients it’s best to come in more than once.

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“You will see a difference the first time, but then we recommend every two weeks and then after a series of three or six, you’ll come in about once a month to maintain,” said Gross.

The whole effect is supposed to be Botox-like without the chemicals. The claim is immediate results.

Another procedure claims to perk you up from the inside out.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko administers vitamins and medication intravenously with a number of goals in mind – from snapping back from a hangover to stepping it up in the bedroom.

“It’s called liquid libido. Everything from stamina to endurance to focus,” said Dr. Rusilko.

Client Samantha Da Silva said she was looking for a general energy boost.

“In this we got all kinds of good stuff, it’s going to be much more tailored to destressing your system which is going to help your skin become brighter, more radiant,” said Dr. Rusilko.

Da Silva said she’s had the treatment before and it definitely works.

“It’s like the best day of your life. You wake up and you’re like 100 percent 100 percent of the time. And the effect lasts not only for a couple of hours, but it lasts for a couple of days instead,” said Da Silva.

Feeling better and looking younger without going under the knife is a concept that’s catching on fast.

“It looks great,” said Cindy after her treatment. “I love it.”

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That feeling doesn’t come cheap, however. The IV therapy starts at $150, Advanced Infusion Therapy runs about $225 dollars a session and Voluma pricing is not available in the U.S. until December, but elsewhere it’ s priced at about $500.

Lisa Petrillo