FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The wife of convicted Ponzi scammer Scott Rothstein was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

Kim Rothstein, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy, had faced up to five years in prison for concealing and trying to sell more than a million dollars in jewelry that investigators wanted to seized as part of their investigation into her husband’s activities.

During the hearing, she apologized for her part in what happened.

“I am so sad about everything that unfolded.  My heart goes out to te everybody,” a sobbing Rothstein told the court, refering to the victims of her husbands billion dollar Ponzi.

She also took full responsibility for her actions.

“I am not hiding behind Scott Rothstein,” she told the judge, “It was my choice. I made the decision, I am terribly ashamed.”

In addition to her prison sentence, Rothstein, 39, was ordered to get mental health and substance abuse treatment.  She was also given two years of probation.

Rothstein’s lawyers asked to court for leniency because of her cooperation with investigators.  The judge agreed citing four other defendants charged in the investigation.  More arrests are still possible.

The government joined the defense request that she receive a reduce sentence due to her cooperation.  The had requested a prison term of two years or six months less than she received.

“I don’t believe Mrs. Rothstein will engage in this type of crime again,” said U.S. Circuit Judge Robin Rosenbaum in handing down her sentence.

Rothstein’s attorney, David Tucker, placed most of the blame of Scott Rothstein and the physically, and emotionally, abusive relationship they had.   Tucker said Rothstein treated Kim a trophy wife which he paraded around.

“He was seeking only eye candy, someone he could wear on his arm like he wore his Rolexes,” said Tucker.

Rothstein filed for divorce from her husband last week.

Scott Rothstein is serving a 50-year prison sentence for operating a $1.2 billion fraud scam involving investments in fake legal settlements.