LAUDERHILL ( – Many people enjoy a good scare on Halloween.

But police in one South Florida city are taking steps to eliminate one potentially frightening scenario for children and their parents this Halloween. Lauderhill Police detectives visited dozens of sexual predators and offenders living in the city this week to make sure they were not taking advantage of the holiday to try to get the attention of children.

“What we’re looking for is anything — any holiday decorations — anything that we feel would overtly entice a child to come to his residence,” said Detective Andrew Kiefer.

Lauderhill has more than 60 registered sexual predators and offenders living within its’ city limits. Kiefer said it appeared that everyone they visited appeared to be complying with the law.

“We take the opportunity to let our presence be known,” Kiefer told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

As detectives paid the sexual predators and offenders an unannounced visit, it appeared many neighbors did not who was living just a few doors away from them. Some said the timing of these checks — with Halloween upon us — is excellent.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Willie Wilson.

Kiefer says another good idea is for parents to search on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website to see where sexual predators and offenders live.

“Every parent should know who’s living in their immediate area,” Kiefer said.

Lauderhill Police Lieutenant Mike Butkus said these checks are something the police routinely do and that it’s a small effort for a big reward of providing peace of mind to families.

“We are out there,” Butkus said. “We are keeping tabs on the ones we need to keep tabs on and we’re just trying to keep the community safe.”

Police officers say before you go trick or treating with your kids tomorrow talk to them about stranger danger and being aware of their surroundings.

If you want to check and see where the convicted sexual predators and offenders live in your area, visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.


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