MIAMI (CBS4) – CBS4’s Vanessa Borge kicks off a new series called Fit Fridays with an inspirational story of a man who lost more than 200 pounds with years of hard work and discipline.

“Deep down inside I wasn’t comfortable with myself. I’ve always been out going but as you can see there really isn’t much I can do with that weight around me,” said Carlos Bode.

Carlos spent 23 years building that weight around him and the emotional wall that came with his obesity.

“I got up to about 500 pounds and that’s when iIdecided to make a change for myself,” said Carlos.

That decision came the night Carlos’ life almost ended; he felt chest pains and was short of breath.

“I told myself you know what you got yourself here, if I can make myself out of it, if I wake up tomorrow, I’ll get myself out of it,” said Carlos.

He got himself out by lifting weights and cardio at Elite U fitness in Coral Gables 5 times a week. No short cuts. Sweat, tears and years of effort went into transforming Carlos’ body from 500 pounds to 260. Now 27, life has changed for Carlos, the days are different.

“Well my day starts the day before, you know I go into the kitchen I prep my meals,” said Carlos.

A typical meal is brown rice, baked chicken and steamed veggies; a far cry from his former life.

“It would be a Big Mac maybe two large orders of fries,” said Carlos.

So why put on display the roughest years of his life? Carlos said so you can see yourself reflected in him.

“I wish someone can look at this and tell themselves they can do it as well,” Carlos said. “If you have somebody you can look up to and say he did it so can I. I hope I can inspire somebody and that will be all worth it for me.”


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