DAVIE (CBSMiami) – A Road Ranger was left shaken after shots were fired when he stopped to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle.

Tuesday night around 11:15 p.m., the ranger spotted a man and woman in a  Nissan Maxima parked on the side of the eastbound lanes of I-595 east of Flamingo Road. They were later identified as 28-year old Jean Valeu and his 25-year old girlfriend Miranda Wynn.

“The Road Ranger got out of his truck to try and assist him at that time the subject pulled out a weapon and shot at the ground and told him to leave,” said Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky.

He did. The Road Ranger got back in his truck and called the FHP to report what happened as Valeu drove off.

“If you are shooting at people just stopped on the side of the road, or people that are stopping on the side of the road to assist you, that’s a serious problem,” said Wysocky.

Wysocky said a short time later when Valeu exited State Road 84 at Davie Road there was another incident.

“The suspect vehicle was traveling very slow, the subject flashed his lights at the suspect, the suspect’s vehicle then let him pass and at some point fired a shot into the vehicle,” said Wysocky.

No one inside the second vehicle was hurt and the driver called Davie police to report that someone has just shot at his car.

Miramar police spotted Valeu’s vehicle and there was short chase south on I-75 which came to an end at NW 138th Street when he crashed his car.

Valeu took off on foot and he was brought down by K-9 officer. He was taken to Palmetto General Hospital for treatment for injuries.

“It’s extremely bizarre, you know, it’s something we’ll investigate a little farther and see if we can get the behind story about what happened,” said Wysocky.

The couple reportedly told investigators they thought they were being followed.  When Valeu is released from the hospital he’ll be charged with resisting arrest with violence, aggravated assault, reckless display of a firearm and discharging a firearm in public.

Marybel Rodriguez