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You can increase your earning potential by either increasing your knowledge base or expanding your skill set. Education and special training almost always translate into more earning power. And you can often do it without taking out another loan or breaking the bank.

Here are a few tips from ClearPoint’s credit counselors:

Check company benefits for a tuition reimbursement program. Your employer may help pay for you to take classes. Also, find out about additional on-the-job training or mentoring opportunities available within the company.

Many state-funded job training and career counseling programs can help, regardless of your income level or professional experience. For example, through your state’s Department of Labor or Employment Commission, you will find area offices that offer job assistance and career preparation training. You may be eligible to take advantage of free services ranging from résumé writing to job retraining. Check the homepage of your state’s website for links.

Consider joining a local community or professional organization that offers periodic seminars or lectures about business topics of interest to you.

Explore community college courses, vocational schools, and even Internet seminars.

Learn a foreign language such as Spanish or Japanese. Being multilingual is an added asset in the workforce.

Use your library as a resource to check out career-counseling books.

Remember, most employers know that an educated workforce is a productive workforce. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you, and you should become a prime candidate for advancement and greater earnings. For more ideas to make more money and better manage your finances, visit ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions.