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It’s kind of slow overnight in the local sports world, but Kevin Durant tweaked D-Wade. It’s football time again this week, so time for some picks. And anything else we can shake a stick at ahead in the agenda.

Quote of the Day:
“Nobody roots for Goliath!” – Wilt Chamberlain…now that’s funny coming from him!

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Miami Heat:
So Kevin Durant doesn’t think Dwyane Wade is a top 10 NBA player anymore.
Wade filed it away as a mental note to keep for himself.
The funny part is, Wade was probably the most efficient he’s ever been in the NBA over the last two years.
Playing alongside LeBron, Wade has put together three straight Finals appearances and back-to-back championships.
Durant has 0 championships. (I think he’ll have a few when he gets done though)
I’m glad it got under Wade’s skin. The Heat need something to drive them this year and I think it will still come back to a feeling of a lack of respect.
People know the Heat are great, but for some reason no one wants to admit the Heat are great most of the time.
Or maybe that’s just my perception, I’ve been wrong before.
I think this season will be key for not only LeBron, but the rest of the team as well.
If the Heat get to the Finals again and possibly win again, these guys are coming back, albeit at different salaries most likely.
If the Heat falter during the regular season and get bounced early in the playoffs, anything is possible heading into free agency.
If I’m LeBron though, this area has accepted him, rallied around him, and have elevated him to the status of Wade in just four years.
Why would you want to leave that and have people go after your reputation again?
Here’s what the Heat should do if they can…
Re-sign LeBron to a max deal.
Re-sign Wade to a long-term deal at less money.
Re-sign Bosh for less money if possible, if not, a sign-and-trade.
Let Pat Riley go recruiting for players next to LeBron.

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College Football:
No need for a lot of words in the lead-in, let’s dive in on the picks.
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech….I’m picking Tech to win here, so I can’t lose. Actually I’m picking Ga. Tech because that offense is so dadgum hard to defend.
Miami at South Florida….really? The spread is Miami and -19…I’d take that any day and twice on Saturday. Canes Win.
Oklahoma State at West Virginia….only question is will Oklahoma State let WVU score? Take the Cowboys.
SMU at TCU…no brainer pick here, go with the Horned Frogs.
South Carolina at UCF….I know USC is ranked, I know they have a good defense and an explosive offense. But, I’m going upset here. Take UCF in my upset special.
FSU at Boston College….BC is still just a bad team, but FSU needs to put on a good show to impress pollsters. FSU big.
LSU at Georgia….The Tigers just have too many weapons against an overmatched Georgia team. Take LSU on the road.
Oklahoma at Notre Dame….I still think Notre Dame is horribly overrated, course I think the same thing about Oklahoma. Take the Sooners in South Bend.
Ole Miss at Alabama….I really like what Hugh Freeze is doing at Ole Miss. I think they’re about a year away from beating Alabama. Take the Tide, but it’s gonna be close!
Florida at Kentucky….no contests here, Gators thump the Kitties.
Texas A&M at Arkansas…..yikes, this one could get really ugly. Aggies big on the road!
Arkansas State at Missouri….can Missouri make it to 4-0? Uh, yeah, against a team that lost to Memphis. Question, can Mizzou score at least 45 again? Yup, take the Tigers big!
Wisconsin at Ohio State…as much as it pains me to say…take the Buckeyes…next week though, Northwestern could be a different story.
Stanford at Washington State…..Stanford will win, but it will be a tougher game than some may think.
California at Oregon….slaughter central here. I’m taking Oregon to score at least 56 points against a bad Bears defense.
USC at Arizona State….yes the Aztecs struggled last week. But USC is just bad all around. Take ASU in Tempe over the Trojans.
One piece of good news…FIU won’t be the worst team in America this weekend….only because they aren’t playing this weekend. They are at the Bye…I’m taking Bye -7 over FIU.

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Pro Football Picks:
San Francisco at St. Louis….taking the Rams here.
Baltimore over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Cleveland
Chicago over Detroit
Seattle over Houston
Indy over Jacksonville
KC over the Giants
Steelers over Minnesota
Cards over Tampa Bay
Titans over Jets
Denver over Philly
Oakland over Washington…only if Terrelle Pryor is playing, otherwise take the Skins.
Dallas over San Diego
Falcons over Patriots
And on Monday night…you’ll have to wait until Monday for the Fins vs. Saints pick!