PLANTATION (CBSMiami) – An American Foxhound died after being attacked by a swarm of bees in Plantation Friday afternoon.

It happened on East Acre drive.  The family dog known as ‘Babydoll’ was stung more than one hundred times according to witnesses.

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The dog’s owner Ted Delgaizo said he’s sad for his loss but glad his kids weren’t attacked.

“My dog was 60 pounds, and it killed a 60 pound dog.  My four year old son weighs 25 pounds.  I have an 8 and 6 year old who were in school.  I’m sad for my dog but grateful it wasn’t one of my kids.”

After trying to rescue the dog, Plantation firefighters applied foam on the back of the house where the hive was located.  The foam application was able to subdue the bees quickly.  Firefighters first had to remove a portion of the wall to expose the hive.

The dog was in the backyard when neighbor Betty Chenet noticed it was covered in bees.  She tried to spray a garden hose on the dog but then she says the angry bees turned on her.

“It was scary. I was traumatized. I had never seen something like this.”

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Chenet said when the bees came after her she jumped in her pool and ran in the house.  But the bees continued to follow her into her house.

“I feel bad I couldn’t save the dog.”

A Plantation Police Officer responding to the emergency call, didn’t fare any better.

“He was stung 30 to 40 times in the face, neck and arms,” said Detective Robert Rettig of the Plantation Police Department.

Neighbor Philip Garretson heard the commotion and also tried to rescue the dog.  He said he was stung up to 30 times.

“You could see the swarm like a cloud over the dog.  I hit them with water and they came after me. They came after me immediately,” said Garretson.

“As sad as I am I lost my dog, it save my kids life because it could have been my kids.  We had no idea the bees were there,” said Ted Delgaizo.

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Delgaizo said his wife was stung dozens of times and she is recuperating.