MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating burglaries that target unsuspecting female drivers.

Miami-Dade Auto Theft detectives said the burglaries are tied to an ongoing criminal organization that is known for going after vehicles parked at parks, gyms and day cares.

The criminals are believed to take purses to get checkbooks or IDs and commit fraud.

A recent case was reported July 12 at a Miami-Dade County park, located at 6805 S.W. 152nd Avenue where two victims had about $2,000 stolen from them.

The detectives said the organization cashes a check at a bank belonging to a victim from a separate vehicle burgarly.  The criminals enlist the help of a female suspect resembling the person on the ID stolen from the second vehicle burgarly to complete the crime.

The person even uses a lane farthest from the teller  at the bank so to not be identified in the vehicle.

The last lane is also known by bank tellers as “felony lane” due to the number of fraud cases reported from that lane.

Detectives believe the organization has recently used a newer model, rented, silver, Nissan Maxima.

If you can help police identify the people involved call Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.