BROWARD (CBSMiami) – School resumes Monday in Broward County for roughly a quarter-million students.

Broward County is the sixth largest school district in the country.

CBS4’s Joan Murray sat down with Superintendent Robert Runcie to talk about his goals and expectations for the 2013-2014 school year.

After the 2012 Broward bus debacle, transportation is a big topic.

Last year parents received bus routing information the weekend before school started. Some buses were excessively late, others never showed up at all, and it led to a showdown with bus drivers.

The superintendent predicts a much smoother bus ride this year.

“We sent information early. Number two, we were short drivers and we’ve been recruiting all year and we have a new management team.  And finally, we have begun to replace buses in our fleet.”

Academically, Runcie said, many fifth grade classes are going ‘digital,’ some underperforming schools have been ‘repurposed’ and he plans to fight for more education dollars at the state capital.

“What we’re doing is ensuring that every penny we’re spending is spent efficiently.  We’re putting dollars to our highest priorities.”

Runcie said he continues to carry out the three primary goals that have been set to ensure that every student is successful:

  1. High-quality instruction
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Effective Communication

This is Runcie’s first tenure as a Superintendent after spending time working as a businessman and then holding several positions within the Chicago school system.

It will be his third school year in Broward County.

He has received good reviews from the school board and has a good working relationship with the teachers.

As for the 2013-2014 school year, Runcie, with enthusiasm, said he is ready.

“Every now and then I run into a student who wants more time off for the summer but we are ready for a good school year.”