MIAMI (CBSMiami) – After a series of mishaps, David Burke, a small time pot dealer finds himself having to become an international pot smuggler when he’s asked to bring in his boss’s latest shipment from Mexico. How does David Burke, played by Jason Sudeikis, pull that off? By creating a fake family, the Millers, which consists of a fake wife, played by Jennifer Aniston, and two kids, played by Emma Roberts and Will Polter in the new movie, “We’re the Millers.”

Jason Sudeikis, who once wanted to become a professional basketball player, is no stranger to making people laugh. Sudeikis has spent the past eight years as a top cast member on Saturday Night Live.

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CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo asked Sudeikis about the difference between acting in front of a live audience, versus film acting where you don’t have immediate response from an audience.

“I think I keep in my head probably about 10 people that I’m trying to make laugh,” said SudeIkis, adding, “After you do a scene three or four times the crew starts, you know, holding their boom mics, not paying attention, then you throw in a curve ball and then get reengaged and then sometimes you do get an immediate response.”

Jennifer Aniston plays Sudeikis’s faux-wife in the film–and her character is actually not a mother, but a not-so-shy stripper.

Petrillo asked Sudeikis about Aniston’s great physique.

“Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know,” laughed Jason.

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“Did you make sure she was doing those routines correctly?” asked Petrillo.

“I offered that up. I was willing to help with, you know, picking out the wardrobe, I was really ready and willing to be hands-on there but I was relegated to merely just having to watch,” laughed Sudeikis.

In the movie, which is essentially about drug smuggling, there is actually no pot smoking.

“No. Nobody…You didn’t need it. There were conversations…should we, is there a scene? Maybe you could have, but it doesn’t need it. It doesn’t rely on it,” said Jason.

Not giving away the movie, but it is safe to say that audiences will find themselves rooting for The Millers as they, partly thanks to the likability of Jason Sudeikis both on and off screen, do begin to feel like a real family.

“Well there’s something about you that fans all over the world say you’re the guy I’d like to have a beer with,” said Petrillo.

“That’s very nice. They are probably not too wrong,” said Jason.

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“We’re the Millers” is rated R.

Lisa Petrillo