MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For some men, and the women who love them, the “low-t” could be a touchy topic. More men are now getting help for their low testosterone level but could their health be at risk?

Low testosterone ads have popped-up everywhere and the numbers of those treated have bloomed. More middle-aged men admit to having low testosterone levels and have taken action against it with the usage of hormones.

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Bob Mattioli said that he remembered his drab life ten years ago before he made the transition into hormones.

“I was listless, some libido issues but for the most part I was feeling tired all the time,” said Mattioli.

Mattioli then turned over to taking weekly testosterone injections which changed his life.

“There’s a remarkable difference in the way I feel,” said Mattioli. “One of the most interesting things about testosterone is that, we have learned, it’s not all about sex, sex, sex. A lot of this now is about general health.”

Dr. Abe Morgentaler has led the way in testosterone research and is pleased that hormone therapy has tripled in men since 2001.

“This has been a totally under recognized, under-appreciated aspect of male health,” said Morgentaler.

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Dr. Mordentaler said that low testosterone can be a sign of poor health. Men with low-t are at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

“I think the data are quite clear that the single most important health indicator for a man is his testosterone levels,” said Morgentaler.

For those healthy men who are looking for an energy boost, this isn’t the answer. The only men that should be treated are those with a true deficiency.

“Is it a fountain of youth? No,” said Morgentaler.

The stigma of testosterone usage also comes in factor whether it’s abused by pro-athletes or men who do it at the gym.

“That negativity goes away when you realize how much better you feel,” said Morgentaler.

Hormone therapy doesn’t go without controversy for men or women. Critics said that it is being over prescribed and it has raised concerns about possible side effects.

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However, doctors said that if provided by a physician who knows what he or she is doing, hormones are something that lets people live and feel younger and more youthful.