HIALEAH (CBS4) – Memorials grew larger and grieving continued in Hialeah, four days after the one of the worst mass shootings in the city’s history.

“We lost a piece of our family a piece of our heart we’re all devastated, really we’re all very devastated that we lost Carlos,” said Sherlly Ontiveros.

The sister of Carlos Gavilanes mourns her brother, one of the six people killed when Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage Friday night.

“I’m angry I’m sad,” said Ontiveros.

“When you hear stories like this it’s mind-boggling it bothers it bothers,” said Alex Perez.

Perez is the owner of the gun store that sold Pedro Vargas the gun he used to murder six people.

Vargas bought the gun in October of 2010.

Perez said Vargas took two classes and passed two background checks before purchasing the weapon.

“When he received his license, five days later, he came back to my store and he picked out a generation four glock 17 and he purchased it from me that day,” Perez recalled.

He said there were no clues Vargas was capable of a deadly rampage like the one in Hialeah.

“There was nothing odd, very meticulous person.”

A former supervisor described Vargas like this:

“Introverted private someone who always showed up on time always left on time and just did his work.”

Elmo Lugo was the Director of Media Services at Miami-Dade College North.

Vargas worked under him and Lugo said Vargas did not take it well when Lugo made some changes to the department.

“He thought I was doing something personal to him,” Lugo explained.

A short time later, Lugo and his wife started getting threatening texts and emails. One showed a photoshopped picture of Lugo.

“My head is decapitated and blood is coming out,” he explained.

He suspects the messages may have come from Vargas.

“I only suspected that it was him.  It was never proven by any of the authorities that it was him,” said Lugo.

He may never know whether Vargas is responsible for those threats.

Vargas died early Saturday morning in a hail of police gunfire after killing six people and holding two hostages.

Vargas was apparently still firing at police in the moments before he died.

“Not only was he firing he was able to reload while being struck by the officers bullets and when he fell down he was still reaching for his gun so he still had a lot of fight in him,” said John Rivera with the Police Benevolent  Association.



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