HIALEAH (CBS4) — Sunday night, firefighters and police put on gloves and forced their way into the apartment where the Hialeah shooting rampage all started.

They assisted with helping clean up water from broken pipes.

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Water had been leaking from the apartment onto the floors below.

Firefighters cleaned up the mess, but life here may never get back to normal.

The apartment is where police said Pedro Vargas lived with his mother.

He allegedly set a pile of cash on fire and then for some reason, started shooting and killing one person after another.

For a second night, candles burned outside the five-story apartment building in memory of six innocent lives lost.

Police said Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage killing five people who lived in his building and one man across the street.

“Too sad, too sad,” said Elsa Hernandez, a neighbor.

Across the street from the apartment complex, a memorial honors Carlos Gavilanes, a father who was coming home with his son when bullets flew at them.

Neighbors said he yelled for his son to run ahead, likely saving the boy’s life.

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“Hurry, hurry, hurry so the child go in front,” said Hernandez.

The neighbors said the child watched his father die while, held him and cried for him.

Hernandez recalled the words he said. “No daddy, no die, no die, please, please, come back.”

The victims were parents and grandparents, sons and daughters and the youngest victim was just 17- years-old.

Pricilla Perez was killed along with her mother and stepfather when police said Vargas forced his way into their apartment.

Perez’s grandmother said she was a good student who wanted to be a pediatrician and her cousin has no doubt she would’ve been a success.

“She had her heart in the right place and it’s just…she had a good future coming toward her,” said Jovanny Perez, 17.

Families still can’t comprehend why and how all this happened.

Shamira Pisciotti’s parents Italo and Camira Pisciotti were building managers.  She said they were trying to put out a fire Pedro Vargas set in his apartment when they were shot.

Pisciotti said her parents were just trying to help Vargas’s elderly mother get out safely.

“My father tried to help the mother and he took out the gun and started shooting,” she said.

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“Something you can’t repair it’s gone, all you have is a memory left,” said Perez.